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Let's make the Internet a more friendly space - for everyone.

Great UX is collaborative and comprehensive. Together we can improve IU's user experience - and put people first.

Two women look at a laptop on a table in a coffeeshop.
Two women look at a laptop on a table in a coffeeshop.

What's new

Design Partners Program

Design partners have the opportunities to give and receive feedback, share successes and challenges, and discuss design issues and solutions.

Great UX is a seamless blend of research, development, and service that never stops asking how we can do better.

Four people with markers work together on a large sheet of paper on a table.

At Indiana University, we value accessibility, research, clarity, usability, and reusability.

Read about our approach
What will we build, and what will it be like?
Why are we doing this, and why is it the right approach?
What's our strategy, and how can we integrate existing systems?
Can everyone access and use it, or do barriers exist?

UX/UI Community of Practice

Our initiatives are designed to onboard new staff members and build a strong UX/UI community for designers and frontend developers.

Learn more about our community
Two men with laptops sit in a classroom, talking.

Learn from IU's UX designers about the latest happenings with User Experience around IU and the world.


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In order to know you're building the right service, you need to understand the tasks your users need to accomplish.


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People don't just want to accomplish their tasks quickly. With so many distractions, they need to move quickly.


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When you make a site accessible to assistive technology users, you're also creating a better experience for all users.


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Visual design is only one part of a user's experience, but it's often the most noticeable.

Resources to help you design

You don't have to start from scratch to create amazing online experiences. Here are some building blocks you can use to create user friendly mockups.

Design resources at IU