Since 2018

The Design Partners Program, launched in 2018, provides a platform for UX/UI designers and developers to learn from each other and stay current with the latest industry trends. By joining this program, you'll have the opportunity to expand your skillset, and solve workplace challenges together.


Sohile Ali

UX Designer

Starting out as a designer at IU, the Design Partner Program really helped onboard me and quickly made me feel a part of the greater design community. I am so glad this opportunity for professional development exists for me here at IU.

Chris Basham

Senior UX Designer

The Design Partner Program provides a structure to safely hone my craft and projects alongside a trusted colleague. It is a fitting complement to the UX Community of Practice, which together recharges and enriches my work life every week.

Design Partners actively collaborate and exchange ideas, aiming to find innovative solutions for design-related challenges.

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